I first met Dr. Lowenberg about 20 years ago. I came in for a consult and my teeth were a mess with regard to how misaligned they were and discolored from too much antibiotic use as a child. I always had a deep fear of dentists, and after Marc told me the amount of work and the price, I left promising to call in the next few days. I called and made an appointment to begin the process. When Dr. Lowenberg walked in to our first appointment after the consult, Marc smiled at me as I smiled back – neither of us thought I would actually sign on for a long journey together. For some reason I trusted him and I felt totally comfortable with whatever had did, including the first day that required many injections.

We completed the dental work, I smiled for the first time feeling great about what I saw in the mirror. We then began a dentist/patient relationship, and friends.

One night I was sleeping in my bed in Philadelphia, and my Mastiff pushed me out of bed. I hit my side table right where my front top teeth were. They broke with the force, blood was everywhere and I needed help fast. I called Marc Lowenberg at 4am and he told me to get to NYC the next day as he placed me in as an emergency visit. I was there for hours, as the “greatest” dentist I know started to fix the mess that I walked in with. By the end of the day I had temps in, got a root canal and left with a face that allowed me to smile.

I have had a bad couple of years, but I have to go see Dr. Lowenberg and Dr. Kantor as the only two back molars that we didn’t work on have begun to break down due to issues from having Sarcoidosis where your bones and calcium start to fight an autoimmune disease. Thank goodness and past experiences, I am ready to correct the issues and keep my mouth healthy.