Five stars Anonymous

I love this office!!! went to see Gregg Lituchy after going to another dentist, who told me I had thirteen cavities. That seemed like a lot, and a friend had raved about how amazing and nice Dr. Lituchy was, so I made an apointment to visit. Dr. Lituchy was nothing but polite, personally attentive, and considerate during my visit. I actually thought he was kind of nice and sweet.

Of course, I did not have thirteen cavities, but I did have one deep one and he basically saved me from a root canal by placing some subsance in the filling. He was so nice to me. I had no trouble getting through to get an apointment. Everyone in the office was nice. I even met one of Lituchy’s other partners, Dr. Kantor, who seemed nice too [and happens to be super good looking!].

In general, I would reccomend this office to anyone. They really know what they are doing and they are not trying to rip you off like my other dentist clearly was by telling me I had thirteen cavities. In fact, I sent a friend to them who wanted veneers done and Dr. Lituchy told her she didn’t really need them, all she needed was some bonding. All in all, honest, capable service. I felt as if I was in good hands the whole time.