I’ve been going to Marc Lowenberg for over 25 years- He has always done excellent work on my teeth- and painlessly, too (one time, I had to have my wisdom tooth removed- after he puttered around in my mouth for awhile, I asked him when he was going to remove it- He said he already had! AND that night, I sang a gig- NO pain.), but his cosmetic dentistry has put him on the map (Oprah, The View, etc.) for good reason. He is a true artisan.

He redid all my top crowns (a bad job done when I was a teenager by another dentist) and gave me the most natural looking veneers on my bottom teeth imaginable- They look exactly like MY teeth, only straight and white!

I call him the Michaelangelo of teeth- I have sent several people to him and all have raved. He isn’t in the bargain zone, but you will get your money’s worth and not look back. AND he’s a mensch- My boyfriend had an emergency and Mark made time for him for a quick exam-at no charge. Worth every single penny. In a class by himself.