Unlike a fine wine, our smiles don’t improve with age. Over the years, the upper lip begins to sag as it loses muscle tone, and, as wrinkles begin to form around your mouth, the sides of the face start caving in. And there are changes inside your mouth too: the edges of the upper teeth wear down and become shorter; combined with those other factors, people show less and less of their teeth when they smile. And the teeth themselves change too, becoming more porous with age, so stains sink in deeper, causing dark discoloration and yellowing.

Transforming an aging smile is no problem thanks to porcelain veneers. We can create veneers that are longer than the aged teeth, so more of the teeth are seen when you speak and smile. By building out veneers on the back and side teeth, the muscles in your mouth get more support, making a broader smile possible. And the soft natural white of porcelain brings a youthful color back to your teeth … or gives them the color you always wished they had.